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Release Trauma Through Yin Yoga

A regular practice of Yin Yoga can rebalance the nervous system and help release trauma stored in the body through breath, movement, meditation and activating certain meridians.

The aim is to allow you to feel safe in your body again. 


I am grateful.
I am peace.
I am love.
I am that I am.


Hi, I’m Ashley Suzelis, founder of Forest of Youth. Through many years of offering holistic skin care services, I’ve felt called to add another core offering that can bring the mind, body and spirit into balance through yoga. In May 2018 I flew to Costa Rica where I spent 4 weeks in the Jungle to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training with SoulWork. I signed up for Yin Yoga teacher training through SoulWork in February 2021 while going through a deep depression spurred by a PTSD flare up. I embarked on a 3 month journey through 130 hours of training and a lot of inner self work.


Through the process I learned ways to calm my nervous system to keep me out of fight or flight and I found that I was able to release some of the stored trauma and samskara from my body, mind and spirit. After this process, I literally felt brand new. A new version of myself was finally ready to emerge. One that is calm, balanced and feels safe in my body. After going through this intensive healing process, I can say with certainty that Yin Yoga helps to heal & release trauma stored in the body. I now would love to offer this gift to help others experience this kind of freedom within themselves!

Currently I am teaching a Yin yoga class at the Hüg Building (133 Merriman Rd Akron, OH) on Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm! This class is also available to do online from the comfort of your home or wherever you are!!!

Visit here to book a class!


You don’t need to be a certain size, flexible, athletic or anything to do Yin Yoga. In fact, Yin Yoga accommodates the students where they are at with the use of props to allow the student to find a comfortable position for their body.

Yin Yoga is based on the premise that every body is different and we have the tools to allow each body to find it’s own unique expression of the posture. I teach through a trauma informed lens where I aim to accommodate each student where they are at physically and emotionally.

You don’t need to be traumatized to do Yin Yoga either. Yin Yoga can enhance anyone’s practice with where they are at through a calming and restoring practice.

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