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Discover Your Natural, Radiant Skin

Holistic Spa treatments at Forest of Youth utilize organic and natural ingredients that enhance beauty, health and well-being. The products and protocols used are beneficial to the skin and the body’s overall health. Chemicals that could potentially pose a health risk such as carcinogenic ingredients, hormone disrupting preservatives or chemically laden fragrances are forbidden from the Forest!

We provide the guidance for you to Radiate from within.

Organic, Herbal & Corrective Skin Care Products
Modern Spa
Calming, Healing
Welcoming, Non-Judgmental Space
Ashley Suzelis
owner-Forest of Youth
  • Licensed Esthetician since 2011

  • Holistic Skin Care Expert

  • Member of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners since 2014

  • Herbal Medicine Maker

  • RYT 200 & Trauma Informed Yin Yoga

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner

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The high quality, organic, herbal and corrective skin care line Elina Organics is used in each treatment for healthy, vibrant skin! Modern spa technology such as High Frequency, Microcurrent with Biofeedback, Diamond tipped Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound are used to deliver noticeable results. During a treatment I will compile information needed to offer a Holistic perspective through the use of a detailed health history form as well as questions during the session to evaluate and determine the best route forward. Skin Care should be an important aspect to each person’s health and we provide the professionalism to address this and be a partner in your health journey. 

What Clients Say

"Loved the facial! The experience was so relaxing and I am looking forward to having the best skin ever with continued services. Ashley is so sweet and very knowledgeable. I am looking forward to going back." ~Luci B.

Spa Services


Holistic Facial

The Holistic facial is customized for your specific skin type and concerns.

Relax on a Biomat and allow the comfort of far infrared heat to soothe your muscles, aches & pains and arthritis. Elina Organics skin care is used in every facial to ensure purity, safety & corrective treatments. Whether you are struggling with acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, aging skin or you just want to improve your healthy skin, this facial will target your concerns.

Calm, heal, stimulate collagen production and hydrate utilizing active ingredients including CBD, Willow Bark, Peptides, Mushroom extracts, Hyaluronic acid, Crushed Pearls and more. Jade Rollers and modern spa technology including Scenar, Ultrasound, High Frequency and Diamond tipped Microdermabrasion may be used during the facial to increase results. Acupressure, Reiki & Sound healing are also incorporated into each session to ensure ultimate relaxation.

Receive a reset in mind, body & spirit!

The Lakshmi

(massage and facial)


Relax on a Biomat and allow the comfort of far infrared heat to soothe your muscles, aches & pains and arthritis. Elina Organics skin care is used in every facial to ensure purity, safety & corrective treatments.


Inspired by the Hindu Goddess of beauty, love and fertility, this treatment will release stress and tension in the mind, body & spirit. A 1 hour relaxation massage and 1 hour Holistic facial that will leave you feeling renewed. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic stress. The oils used will benefit skin conditions of all types including dry skin, eczema and sensitive skin.

A cleansing foot bath is included in this treatment.

Organic Micro-Crystal Derma Infusion Facial 



This Advanced facial treatment will dramatically improve aging and hyper pigmented skin! A non-invasive alternative to micro needling.

The crystals are made from fresh water sponges from Lake Baikal. Your skin will be resurfaced and polished and the crystals will help speed up healing and collagen formation from the inside. This facial is wonderful to give a dramatic boost to dry, aging skin, hyper pigmented skin and even acne and scarring. 

**Please note: Your skin will peel with this facial. Do not schedule before a big event. Please leave 7-10 days for full recovery and results. 


Serenity Massage

60 minutes $77

90 minutes $111

Relax on a Biomat and allow the comfort of far infrared heat to soothe your muscles, aches & pains and arthritis.


A full body relaxation massage to calm the mind, body and spirit. A blend of organic coconut and sesame oils with essential oils of Frankincense, Vetiver & Patchouli will be used to nourish the skin and inspire the senses. A foot bath with detoxifying epsom salts and antiseptic tea tree, aromatherapy and hot towels on the feet are also included in this treatment. Great for those that prefer a relaxing Swedish Massage.

(*Note, I am NOT a licensed massage therapist and cannot perform deep tissue massage. If you have a serious injury I will refer you to a massage therapist.)



Ashley is Alexandria Professional Sugaring certified. 

Sugaring is a form of hair removal similar to waxing. 

Brows        $15

Lip             $15

Chin          $20

Underarm $30

Half arm    $40

Full arm     $60

Bikini         $40

Half leg     $60

Full leg      $80



60 minutes: $80

Relax on the Biomat and open yourself to receive healing energy. You will remain fully clothed during this session. My hands will be placed lightly on your head, legs and feet. I will work over your body on each chakra and allow healing energy to flow into you. You may feel energy that is hot, cold, tingling or you may feel nothing. It’s a perfect time for you to relax and receive and allow your nervous system to reset.

Skin Care Consultations

60 minutes: $130

During this consultation, I will discover what your needs and concerns are to be addressed. I will create a Healthy Beauty Ritual for you where I will share lifestyle tips and recommend an Elina Organics regimen for your home use, along with 20% off all products! This can be done in person or online. 


Bach Flower Consultations

30 minutes: $55

During this consultation, I will ask you personal questions about your emotional state. Based on the information you give me, I can formulate a specific remedy to help address your emotional needs. Bach Flower Therapy is a gentle and effective energetic medicine that allows the Soul and Mind to come into better balance. The Body follows to create more harmony. 




~Bring Radiance to Your Inbox.~

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