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This formula is developed to help with matters of the heart including heart health, grief and anxiety relief.


Hawthorne is known to be beneficial to those with diseases of the heart and blood vessels including Congestive Heart Failure, high blood pressure, chest pains and irregular heartbeat.


Hibiscus is known to help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and is beneficial for the heart as well as a rich source of antioxidants.


Motherwort is used for heart conditions including heart failure, irregular heartbeat and heart symptoms due to anxiety.


Rose petals are known to give comfort with grief and loss and is high in Vitamin C.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a well known adaptogen helping the body deal with stress. It has a host of benefits including anti-inflammatory actions, beneficial for heart disease, diabetes and anxiety. 


Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is a gentle energetic formula that helps calm the mind, body & spirit. It is used in cases of trauma, anxiety, PTSD, shock, grief and loss.


**These herbs are generally safe but if you are taking medications please check with your doctor before use.

Heart Hug Tincture

  • 1 oz

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