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Named after the Taoist Hemp Goddess, this healing salve is powerful!

An herbal infused oil with Organic Calendula Flowers & Organic Comfrey leaf cold infused for many months in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.


This salve is soothing to inflamed skin, moisturizing and healing for cracked dry skin, and ultra healing for cuts, scrapes & bruises. Wonderful for those that work with their hands, as this salve can repair skin overnight! I have also been told that this works wonders for healing diabetic wounds on the feet. 


To use on deep cuts, ensure the area has been cleansed and disinfected first as this salve promotes fast healing of skin tissue which can seal in an infection on an area that isn’t properly treated.


**This is NOT intended to use on burns, weepy skin conditions or poison ivy.

Magu Healing Salve

  • 1.7 oz