Rhea Acupressure  $44

Inspired by Rhea, Queen of the Cosmos, this treatment is to promote ease and comfort within the Mind, Body & Spirit. A 30 minute treatment to relieve sinus pressure, headaches, tightness and stiffness in neck and shoulders. Includes aromatherapy, massage of neck and shoulders and Acupressure on face and head.

Serenity Massage $60

90 minutes $90

(Female's Only)

A relaxing full body massage to calm the mind, body and spirit. Organic coconut, sesame, apricot kernel or hempseed oil combined with organic Aura Cacia essential oil blends will be used to nourish the skin and inspire the senses. A foot bath with detoxifying epsom salts and antiseptic tea tree, aromatherapy and hot towels on the feet are also included in this treatment. Great for those that prefer a relaxing Swedish Massage.

(*Note, I am NOT a licensed massage therapist and cannot perform deep tissue massage. If you have a serious injury I will refer you to a massage therapist.)


Raindrop Technique Massage $85

90 minutes $115

A combination of massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. Inspired by ancient healing techniques from the Native American Lakota tradition. This relaxing treatment utilizes 7 essential oils and 2 blends to restore the body's electrical energy balance as well as detoxify and increase immunity. It is known to promote energy, vitality and increased circulation. This 60 minute treatment will include a cleansing foot bath.


The Hera (Female Massage & Facial) $135

Inspired by the Greek goddess of women and marriage, this treatment will help the stress of running a universe melt away. A 2 hour full body massage and facial that will leave you feeling renewed in mind, body and spirit. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic stress. The oils used will benefit skin conditions of all types including dry skin, eczema and sensitive skin. A cleansing foot bath is included in this treatment.